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A handy cruising companion

The Le Boat mobile app is no longer available. On this page we've put together lots of links to other navigation tools and helpful resources, so even without our app you can still find all the information you need to plan your perfect boating holiday. 

Navigation support and planning your route

How can I plan my navigation?

Navigation guides to plan your route

When you arrive at the base you will be given a detailed navigational guide/map for your boating region. This guide/map shows all the navigable waterways and ensures you can cruise safely during your holiday. For most regions, these guides can be purchased prior to your holiday from third party websites. Visit the Getting Ready section of our website to find out more.

Is there an alternative app I can use?

You can download Google maps offline

If you would like to use an alternative app you can download and use an offline map within the Google Maps app. With this you can find nearby restaurants, shops and attractions. To do this please follow the steps supplied by google.

Can I find out more about my cruising region?

Region guides

We have produced our own region guides which show you the average cruising time and number of locks between stops, as well as details about key points of interest along the waterway.

Do you have more detailed region information?

Interactive maps with key points of interest

We have Interactive maps for every cruising region on our website. Navigate to the relevant region page of our website and click on the ‘EXPLORE’ tab where you will find an interactive map, as well as details of key points of interest and suggested itineraries.

Where can I find suggested itineraries?

Suggested itineraries are on our website

Take a look at the region pages on our website to see all of our suggested itineraries. You don’t have to stop at all the places listed or follow the route exactly. So long as you return your boat to your end base by the date you've booked - you're free to enjoy your cruise however you like.

While cruising, what do I do in an emergency?

Emergency contact information

When you arrive at the base you will be given a welcome booklet with the contact numbers of Le Boat’s local teams, plus an emergency phone number, on the back page. These number are also located inside a Boat and Navigation folder on board the boat. By contacting our local teams, we can ensure you get the help you need as soon as possible.

About our app 

Why has the Le Boat mobile app gone?

We’ve heard from our customers that the on-board guides we provide, other apps and programmes like Google Maps are more helpful for navigating the waterways than the Le Boat app. There have also been some technical challenges with our app which have meant it hasn’t always been a reliable tool for customers.

Will there be a new Le Boat mobile app?

Currently there are no plans for a new Le Boat app. We are always looking for ways to make your boating holiday even more special though so watch this space for other exciting developments.

How can I book a holiday on my mobile phone?

You can book a Le Boat holiday by visiting our website or by calling our friendly boating experts.