Our 4-day cruise on the Canal du Midi

A boating holiday with Le Boat is the perfect opportunity for the whole family to spend time together! Regardless of age, a boating holiday is perfect for taking some time out and sharing precious moments together. The Canal du Midi is one of the top destinations where you'll cruise through sun-soaked landscapes amidst fields and vineyards, as well as stunning medieval villages and towns

Marianne and her family, based in France, embarked on a 4-day cruise from Castelnaudary – we want you to be inspired by their family boating experience. Read on to find out more.

Castelnaudary RETURN via Gardouch

4-day Canal du Midi cruise details:

Marianne and her family followed our “Castelnaudary Return short break” recommended route for their 4-day boating holiday on the Canal du Midi. It includes: 

  • 11 hours of cruising
  • 52km cruised
  • 18 locks
  • 3 nights on board

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A family on a 4-day cruise on the Canal du Midi

How was your 4-day cruise on the Canal du Midi?

We have just returned from our long weekend and we can’t wait to go again! We loved the experience from start to finish.

Check-in at the base went very smoothly; we were greeted by the friendly Le Boat team and quickly boarded our boat, the Grand Classique. On the Grand Bassin  of Castelnaudary, where the base is located, we were taught how to drive the boat, perform manoeuvres, and more. We all had the opportunity to test it out and ask any questions we had. We then departed from Castelnaudary towards Toulouse, aquieter route.

Passing through our first bridges was quite enjoyable and amusing, and as we gained confidence, we let ourselves glide along the water and worked together as a team.

This boating holiday is accessible to all: on board our boat we had the whole family of all different ages, from teenagers to grandparents.

It was fabulous being able to share these special moments all together!

Luna le Yorkshire Terrier

We see that your dog was also part of the adventure!

Thanks to Le Boat, you don't have to leave your furry companion behind! We chose to bring our little dog Luna, a Yorkshire Terrier.

The team in Castelnaudary even provided a life jacket for her - absolutely adorable! It helped us feel more confident and we were able to let her wander around the boat with peace of mind.

Everything went smoothly: she was very intrigued  at first and then spent her days watching boats and ducks in the Canal du Midi.

It was perfect tobe able to bring Luna, our dog, on holiday with us!

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Family boating on the Canal du Midi

Who was the Captain during your 4-day cruise?

While we did have a designated captain, everyone took turns and the whole family had a go at driving the boat! It was impressive to steer such a large boat, but at the same time, it was so easy!

You quickly understand how it works and gain confidence: it’s great fun!

Whilst on board we worked together as a team, driving the boat, enjoying the scenery and travelling through the locks together.

A canal cruise is a very laid back experience that allows you to spend time together, be active, and discover beautiful places.

Mooring on the Canal du Midi banks

Did you stop to visit any places along the way?

Yes, we stopped to see the Seuil de Naurouze, the highest point of the Canal du Midi (it culminates at 193m)!  It’s where water flows down from the Montagnes Noires (Black Mountains) and joinsthe canal to provide its water.

We recommend mooring the boat (be careful, using mooring posts and not tying around trees!) and then exploring on foot: ithere are information boards to find out more about it’s heritage and history.

Boats going through a lock on the Canal du Midi

How would you describe your experience of cruising the Canal du Midi?

It was a complete mix – calming, adventurous and relaxing all in one fantastic holiday.Passing through the locks made the journey exciting and made us work together; everyone had a role to play: getting out to operate the automatic locks, holding the ropes, manoeuvring the boat... We also took leisure breaks to take short naps and read a book on the upper deck of the boat, shaded by the plane trees.

We also used our bikes to explore the surroundings!

How did you spend your evenings?

After the locks closed, we continued navigating for a while to find the perfect spot to moor for the evening: we found nice, quiet spots to enjoy the sunset.

We enjoyed a drink on board whilst the sun setted andcould hear the birds singing in the trees a

In summary?

In summary, we would say: a memorable long weekend! And we can’t wait to do it all again soon!

Thank you, Le Boat!