Towns to Visit along the Aquitaine Waterways

The Aquitaine boasts some of the most beautiful landscapes in all of France. The Aquitaine is renowned for its master wines throughout the world thanks to its moderate climate and beautiful rivers that feed the fertile soils. Deep within these wine valleys, lies a rich treasure trove of deep history, legend and life that can be best discovered along the waterways of the Aquitaine.



Bordeaux was quoted as a city that defined “the very essence of elegance” by Queen Elizabeth II, and it’s not hard to see why. This beautiful city is filled with beautiful landscapes, history and some of the best restaurants in France. Let’s not forget that Bordeaux is the wine capital of the world. It makes and exports the largest quantity of wine with up to almost a billion bottles exported annually. Wine lovers are undoubtedly spoilt for choice.

Bordeaux is a city rich with art, culture and natural beauty. Stroll along the beautiful Garonne Rover., take in its breath-taking views at the Palais Bourse, visit the Musee des Beaux Arts and see some of the greatest master pieces up close. Visit the Cite du Vin, a museum dedicated to all things wine and do not forget to visit one of the many famous wine farms around the city.


During the French medieval era, most of the lands in the South were ruled by feudal lords. As a result, many of those families had to protect their lands from invaders, especially as the towns lied upon the waterways, making them vulnerable to attacks.

This fortified city stand well preserved along the banks of the Aquitaine and adds a classic fairy-tale landscape. Vianne’s interesting history and beautiful architecture allows visitors to look inside daily life and construction practises of medieval France.



The beautiful Garonne River will bring you to the sleepy town of Agen. Agen was a once a Roman settlement and has now become a wonderful spot for leisure. Agen makes for a wonderful stop, with plenty of activities to keep the whole family entertained.

There is a child-friendly Roman site, a museum displaying classical works, a 12th century cathedral, fun theme parks and a fascinating underground network of caves!



Auvillar is known as being one of the most beautiful villages in France. Lying on a rocky outcrop along the Garonne, this small village is quaint in every way. Its main trades were pottery, geese feathers for quills and some trade. Its picturesque cobbled-stoned roads remain preserved since its early days under Roman-Gallo rule. It’s a beautiful testament to the clash of ancient cultures and a wonderful place to explore.



Moissac is home to an array of Neo-classical Roman structures and an historic abbey. Dine at one of the cafes on the streets and get transported back in time. The town also houses a UNESCO world heritage site, the St. Pierre Abbey which was built in the 7th century.