Tips for planning your Le Boat holiday

Holiday planning tips for long haul travellers

While you may be excited for your trip abroad, planning it can be rather stressful. Planning holidays abroad to Europe and other continents take a lot of pre-planning with flights, extra accommodation and arranging the logistics to and from your destination. We have put together some holiday planning tips to help you prepare better.


How soon should I book my boat?

While we do have options throughout the year, we recommend to always plan and book well ahead for your canal boat holiday. This way you can take advantage of our fantastic Early Booking Discount offers to book for the following year.  


European Spring or Summer?

This is all down to personal preference. European Spring time is generally a bit cooler than during peak season. The European Spring days are warm, but not exceptionally hot. This makes for a more comfortable cruising experience especially if you don’t have air conditioning on your boat. There are also less crowds and prices are cheaper overall.

Summer is and always will be the best time to cruise in Europe. While all the common tourist places in European countries and cities might be full of tourist crowds, the canal boat regions aren’t as busy. For now, many of these spots are still off the beaten track.


Arranging trains, cars and buses?

If it’s your first time visiting Europe, you are most likely unsure of how to arrange the transport within the country to get to different places. Honestly, you can simply purchase your train and bus tickets on arrival at the local stations. The domestic railways are on fixed schedules daily. However, you can pre-book your train tickets before the time. A reputable company we would recommend pre-booking your rail tickets with is Rail Europe.  Renting a car can only be done via companies within the European countries and you can easily arrange with them beforehand if they are a reputable international brand. 


Do research on your route beforehand

Well, you do have the option of being spontaneous or planning where you’d like to stop and explore. We would encourage you to read up more on the regions, their food specialities and best sights to make sure you don't miss out on any must-see sights and activities along your journey.



How much should I budget?

The canal boating regions in the South of France lie mainly in the countryside. Most of the produce you will find in the supermarkets are grown on these local farms and this makes shopping and eating out significantly cheaper.

Currently you’ll need between AU$35 - AU$50 per day and this budget includes shopping and eating out. You won’t find any of the big shopping malls and popular brands in most of the towns you stop along the rivers. Instead, you will find many supermarkets, artisanal goods, crafts and souvenir shops.



Ready. Book. Go!

Our fantastic special offers will make sure everyone can be accommodated on a holiday along the waterways.