How to prepare for your first boating holiday

HOLIDAY! If you hear, read or even remember this word, certain images will certainly appear in your mind: pictures of you lying on the beach, regional specialties served in a picturesque restaurant or simply sitting at the helm of your boat without a licence while enjoying the beauty of nature.

Are you ready for your next boating holiday?

Preparing for the cruise

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Have you chosen one of our boating regions? Great! That's a great start.

The rough planning of your boat cruise is on the agenda. Download our regional guide, read the comments on our blog, or browse various travel blogs.

You'll notice there's a LOT of information! One tip for not going into too much detail: write down the things that interest you personally and encourage your crew to do the same.

A few weeks before your vacation starts, you'll discuss it over a nice meal, plan your trip, and everyone can contribute what they absolutely want to see.

Navigation tips

When researching, please pay close attention to the following points:

  • Special recommendations for restaurants
  • Local attractions
  • Weekly regional markets
  • Helpful travel tips

Don't panic if the planning time is too short. You can also travel completely relaxed on your boat and enjoy the best vacation atmosphere on board! On board your boat you will find a waterways guide with information on places and attractions along the route as well as a travel guide.

 Visit local tourist offices, even if you have already planned your itinerary in advance. The best tips are often only revealed on the spot!

The crew and the boat

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Take a closer look at the boat you have booked. What is its width and length? We invite you to take a virtual tour on our website to get a better idea of it!

It is good to know how many cabins your boat has. It is best to decide in advance (possibly already during your appointment beforehand), who will sleep in which cabin. Or you can do it randomly!

It is also very useful to define the responsibilities on board. The captain and the first mate must be designated in advance, but each crew member must participate in the briefing before departure. You will then be rewarded for your good planning!

A team effort

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Even though each crew member has their own task, everyone is advised to pay attention to the following points:

  • Watch the safety video
  • Always be vigilant during your boating holiday
  • Nautical rules (in our captain's guide)
  • Have fun!

You'll love cruising along the water and passing through locks.

Adapting to the language


It is recommended to brush up on your foreign language skills or learn a few phrases in the language of the country you will be boating in.

This not only makes it easier to communicate with the locals, but also puts you in the holiday spirit ahead of time. It can be very useful to talk to a lock keeper and understand his valuable advice.

You can also get to know other boaters who are also on a cruise! And why not make friends?


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You should only take the essentials!

There is plenty of storage space on a houseboat, but it is best to take only the bare essentials, and if possible in a soft bag.

Once you've settled into your houseboat, you can easily stow your luggage in the lockers and compartments and you're ready to go.

The waterways guide

Navigation tips

Before you leave, take a look at your desired itinerary in the waterways guide on board the boat and familiarize yourself with the maps. It will be your companion along the way, so keep it handy. It may also be useful to know about approximate cruising times for the destination you are visiting.

It lets you know exactly where you are, how far you have to go before the next lock, etc.

Waterway guides are easy to read and reliable and have clear legends.

Relaxation on holiday

Relaxation on holiday

Keep in mind when preparing that you want to relax and unwind. A tight schedule would be counterproductive. Give yourself some freedom and plan enough free time!

Always allow a little extra time for routes and locks. Imagine that in high season there will be more traffic on the waterways than in low season. Take, for example, a card game or a board game to fill the waiting time at the locks.


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Do you feel ready now? In any case, we wish you a relaxed preparation and a wonderful canal boating holiday!