Cruise in Alsace by boat and discover the Rhine

For your next holiday, consider Alsace. A river cruise will allow you to discover this north-eastern region of France from another angle, away from tourists on your own river boat. Take your family or friends and admire the beautiful landscapes along the water.

Before or after your river cruise, you can also discover the Rhine. This river passes through six different countries and is rich in different cultures.

A River Cruise

Croisière fluviale

During your boat holiday, you will undoubtedly be seduced by Alsace: the magnificent canals will lead you from city to city at entirely your own pace. Choose your own cruise itinerary and soak up the local culture and cuisine. Throughout your river adventure, enjoy the local tourist attractions that you’d like to visit around the canals and lakes, which will only enhance your boat trip.

Between France and Germany, sail on the Marne-Rhine canal and soon discover a unique blend of cultures that you will not find anywhere else!



During your river cruise, you will have the opportunity to visit Strasbourg, which will give you an overview of the region and its diversity. This beautiful city with streets lined with flowers is a delight to behold. It’s a perfect stop during your river cruise and is home to the European Parliament, visible from the canal.

Strasbourg is also the perfect stopover to sample Alsace wines and chocolates - something to please the foodies in your crew!

Strasbourg and its events

Strasbourg et ses événements

For more than 400 years, the Christmas market of Strasbourg, an institution in Alsace, immerses all the inhabitants and visitors from all over the world in the friendly festivities of the Christmas holidays. This traditional event takes place outside our sailing periods, but you can definitely return to visit if you liked Strasbourg during your cruise.

Next March, the Easter Village, one of the most anticipated events of the spring period in the region, will return to Strasbourg. The ACOARUS (Association des commerçants et artisans de la rue des Serruriers et des environs) organises it every year on the Place Saint-Thomas.

Also in the spring, discover the Salon du Jardin and the Fête des Plantes at the Hippodrome de Strasbourg, during your boat cruise. These are very popular events in the Alsatian capital.

Every year in May, the "Europe in celebration" event highlights Europe in a place entirely dedicated to education for European citizenship and relations with neighbouring countries.

Extend your stay

Croisière fluviale

Extend your stay in the area to discover more of the local landscapes. The Rhine is a magical river: 1230 km long, it rises in Switzerland, passes through Austria, forms the border between Germany and France and flows into the North Sea in the Netherlands. It is one of the busiest waterways in the world and one of its parts is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, demonstrating its exceptional interest in the common heritage of mankind.


The Rhine is unique: it runs along or crosses six different countries and is incredibly rich in cultures to discover.

Discovering the Rhine

Le Rhin en bateau

You will not be able to sail on the Rhine aboard your river boat without a permit, but you will be able to discover it in several ways to have an overview of all the nuggets it has to offer: by car, by bike, on foot...


Immerse yourself in the heart of Alsatian traditions and plan your holidays with family or friends, away from tourists: you will not be disappointed!

Where to visit along the Rhine

Croisière fluviale

By extending your stay along the Rhine, you will be charmed by the different cultures you will encounter. Admire the quiet countryside along the Rhine in Switzerland, taste the local cuisine and discover superb architecture in France, sampling regional wines.

You can even go further, as far as Amsterdam. Although the capital of the Netherlands is not located on the Rhine, many river cruises start or end in Amsterdam. You can follow this route by car to admire all the cultural jewels along the Rhine.

There are also virtual treasure hunts that are organized along the Rhine. These are by bike or on foot, with family or friends, and they will allow you to take another look at the Rhine and discover its hidden gems.

Cities to discover along the Rhine

Croisière fluviale

Do not miss Strasbourg, a gorgeous city located 78km from our base in Hesse, Alsace, which is only 55 minutes by car.

Then extend your stay and visit Basel, Switzerland, 1h30 from Strasbourg. Admire the pink granite city hall on the Grand Place, marvel at the Romanesque-style Basel Cathedral and enjoy the traditional honey cakes. You can also plan an excursion to the Rhine Falls, located between Lake Constance and Basel - absolutely inspiring!

If you prefer to extend your stay on the German side, take the direction of Rudesheim, 2h40 from Strasbourg. This charming little town of less than 10000 inhabitants is located on the right bank of the Rhine. You can taste local wines and a typical drink, the "Rudesheim Kaffe", a mixture of coffee, sparkling brandy, sugar and whipped cream, all sprinkled with dark chocolate chips.

Historical heritage

Croisière fluviale

It is possible to divide the Rhine in France into two regions: the Haut-Rhin and the Bas-Rhin.

Unmissable places to visit in the Haut-Rhin:

  • Colmar, the most Alsatian of the cities of Alsace: Little Venice, the Tanners district, the Voltaire House and magnificent buildings, such as the House of the Heads, the Pfister House and the Church of the Dominicans.
  • Buethwiller: small village that houses an oil mill
  • Mulhouse, on the Alsace wine route: the Hôtel de Ville, the Tour de l'Europe and the Bollwerk tower, the Place de la Réunion, the Saint Etienne temple and the Saint Jean chapel.
  • Labaroche: the ruins of the Château du Hohnack, the Park of the Schoppenwihr estate and the Haut-Chitele Altitude Garden.
  • Steinbach: the Silberthal clearing, the Saint Nicolas mine, the Basilica of the Sacred Heart and the Abtey chocolate factory.

More places to see

Croisière fluviale

Unmissable places to visit in the Bas-Rhin:

  • Wissembourg: the Abbey of Saint-Pierre-et-Saint-Paul, the Chapel of Saint-Pierre-et-Paul, the Castle of Geisberg and the Church of the Dominicans.
  • Haguenau: the Church of St. George, the Fountain of the Bees, the Hotel of the Bailiff Hoffmann and the drying of Scots pine cones.
  • Bouxwiller: the Judeo-Alsatian Museum which is located in the old synagogue of Bouxwiller and the house of the ecclesiastical receiver.
  • Saverne: the Château des Rohan and its museum, the Château du Haut-Barr, the Château de Greifenstein, the Chappe telegraph tower and the house located at 76, Grand'Rue.
  • Molsheim: the Jesuit Church, the Chapel of Notre-Dame and the Dompeter, a Romanesque church located north of the Ban of Molsheim.
Croisière fluviale

During your river cruise in Alsace, enjoy the cultural wealth of this region and extend your stay to discover the Rhine!