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The Flamingo Cruise

Camargue, France

Oneway: Saint-Gilles to Port Cassafières

Allow 7 to 14 nights

See clouds of pink flamingos and other wildlife, and become enchanted with art galleries at Aigues-Mortes.

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Reviews for the The Flamingo Cruise

Departure port
Just love spending time in the south of France on the boat. Great fresh seafood everywhere.
Great seafood in the towns along the Etang, wonderful wines, cheeses, pastries and meats at village stops along the way.
the vessel we booked was not available. We were provided with a substitute that was badly damaged at the bow. Your staff was wonderful.
no purchases were made by us
Le Boat were very good and very helpful. My main criticism was the route. It was very difficult and we found it extremely stressful. We believe that the route does not suit inexperienced boat people and that should have been clearly stated. In fact it ruined our entire holiday. The people at St. Gilles were more than helpful and came out several times to help us and drove the boat across the terrible Etang. But it has really put us off boating. At Port Cassafieries everyone was very nice, the problem there was the 24 hour restaurant that in fact only opens for food from midday! We had planned to get breakfast there but no joy.
As per my comments above. The only lovely bits were in St. Gilles and when we got on the canal de Midi