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The Crusader Cruise

Camargue, France

Return Trip: Port Cassafières, via Aigues-Mortes

Allow 7 to 14 nights

Dip your toes in the warm Mediterranean, and partake of locally produced vermouth in the cellars at Marseillan.

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Reviews for the The Crusader Cruise

great holiday, despite the very strong winds which delayed crossing the Etang de Thau. Watching the boat jousting in Agde and Palavas, the amazing and plentiful wildlife, enjoying the historic towns especially Aigue Morte this holiday had lots in it for great memories.
Wildlife, particuarly birds are great, cruising with Kingfishers, and watching large Herons, Flamingos and Egrets fishing and eating as you pass. Aigue Morte is a delightful town well worth a couple of nights.
[Don't know if it was Crusader or Sunshine cruise.] This was the most relaxing holiday I have had in my life. I took my best friend and also hired mountain bikes for the week and we both chilled out. We were male and female but not a couple. This was my first holiday in 9 years and has filled up my batteries for a long time. Handling the boat was wonderful, I quickly got the hang of it - I like machines, driving and motorcycles etc. Weather was sometimes not that warm but I love France and love water... put the two together and hey presto. I spoke quite a bit of French too and I love the French as a people; no fuss, no nonesense, real, practical people.
All the locks are attended. There were only two of us and you MUST get organised. Don't go into a lock without knowing exactly what you are all going to do and on which side of the lock. Other than that, stop anywhere, tie up properly if you want to keep your boat! Then go off and explore. Don't rush anything and make sure you understand momentum of the boat, especially when your partners are getting on and of to tie up - don't drop them in it... OR lose your boat! Watch for other boats parked up queuing for each lock, don't jump the queue. We both just had such a wonderful time and although it was expensive [for me not as a holiday] it was more than worth every penny; I've wanted this holiday since I was 17 - over 30 years ago. Thank you LeBoat!
We were meant to be departing from Beaucaire which Le boat changed at the last moment. They did transport us by taxi to Cassafires which was okay.They seemed very unorganised at Cassafires as we had to sit around waiting for some time which after having to travel in a taxi for a couple of hours was a bad first impression.Apart from that we were happy with the service
I was shocked to learn that all our waste water, including sewerage went straight out into the canals. With such a well known tourist destination and the number of craft on the canals, I can't believe this is allowed to occur
The boat was clean and tidy when we picked it up. Could have done with another set of bedding and towels as our trip was 14 nights.The staff were very helpful a bit disappointed that things like cushions bbq's were all extra we felt that was mean for the price we payed.The extra fuel cost was not clear either.