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The Little Alsace Short Break

Alsace-Lorraine, France

Return Trip: Hesse, via Saverne

Allow 4 to 5 nights

As your boat rises 148 feet in 20 minutes on the Arzviller boatlift, you appreciate the ingenious engineering involved.

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Reviews for the The Little Alsace Short Break

I like the way Le Boat offered and provided services. I called to Le Boat by phone and they kindly offered me cruise in accordance to our required time schedule with 20% discount at source, many thanks to Hadrien Molet and other team members supporting my requests. I will consider Le Boat in my future plans and have already recommended it to my friends.
Le Boat reception was very kind and informative, covered parking in Hangar provided, boat was ready on arrival and training provided in place,
Not "if", but "when" we get the opportunity to go cruising again we would use Le Boat for sure. It was easy to contact them, both by email and by phone and the check in and check out process were handled quickly and efficiently. Information given for use on board whilst cruising was also good and useful and their online video's were of great assistance for first time travellers. All the staff we had contact with were professional and friendly and all spoke English. We found their prices competitive also.
We chose the self drive 4 day Little Alsace Short Break as we had never cruised before and we all agreed, next time we'd cruise for longer as we enjoyed it so much! Having the bikes onboard was great also. We used them to explore towns and villages, buy fresh baguettes from the bakeries or to take turns just riding the cycle ways next to the canal and in between locks. It was relaxing without being boring and after 1 day the 6 of us were all feeling comfortable and settled in our roles on board. We really loved cruising through the pretty little town of Lutzelbourg and enjoying an onboard BBQ with our sausages from Saverne....yum. We were lucky to have beautiful weather too.
Comment from 
The Le Boat Team
Hi Richard, thank you for taking the time to share your experience. We are glad you had such a great time, both before and during your trip. We look forward to seeing you again!
2 couples. Enjoyed our boating holiday. Loved all the sights, restaurants, shopping and people
Metz was a favourite. The round trip, although we couldn't do it due to a lock strike is very rushed to do in 2 weeks. We would recommend doing it in 3 weeks so there is much more time to enjoy the towns along the way.
We loved the new boat vision 4, very easy to naviguate, much space, quitchen very well equiped. In the rooms not enough cupboards. The stairs of Arzvilliers were a new experience for us and of course Strasbourg was a highlight
Strasbourg is a highlight, aspecially the Cathedrale and little France. We recommend to shop food in the little store Douceurs de Rohan in Lutzelbourg, homemade soups, beer, sirups, fresh fruits and vegetables. We visited the brewery Meteor, very interesting.
We did not know that most of the journey would be in a river. The river was extremely dangerous as it was in flood and Le Boat should not have instructed to leave Auxerre. We nearly went over a weir which could have cost us our lives.