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The Sunshine Cruise

Canal du Midi, France

Reviews for the The Sunshine Cruise

Dead easy and great fun
Good value and a great boat
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The Le Boat team
Dear Alan,Thank you for your feedback. We are very pleased to learn you enjoyed your trip on the Midi with Le Boat and hope to welcome you on board with us again soon!Best wishes,The Le Boat team
They were great when our boat had a steering problem, responding immediately. However, the boat should have been checked over more thoroughly. There were broken items and the First aid kit not completely stocked.
Boat was clean and ready for boarding. We had some electrical issues and your techs were on the boat in about 30 minutes despite our location on the canal- they sent a senior tech who changed some fuses and got everything mostly back to normal-
Everything was great - you might tell the gals in the cassafieres office that when a customer is standing at the counter they should stop the personal conversations - thst went on for 10 minutes --and acknowledge the customer at thr counter - at least say just a moment. Maybe this is an American custom to put clients before personal conversations but it wpuld help.
Due to the very poor weather in central France during June 2016, we were unable to use the Boat on the Lot River due to it being in full flood. They managed to find another boat for us on the Midi in Southern France. We had a very good holiday, and in the end, all went well.
Staff both at Narbonne and Port Cassafieres (MIDI) were all very helpful. Full marks.
I would again thank you for you wonderful help, it was one of the better holidays of our lifetime and that is saying something given the holidays we have taken. The staff at Port Cassifieres were fantastic, exceptionally helpful and friendly.
We will definitely be doing this again, my husband is hooked. (and I quite liked it as well!!) The only port we had difficulty at was Palavas and that was because the people there refused to speak English at all, and laughed at any English speaking people who tried to speak French. Not only us but several other Le Boat customers were treated appallingly there. As opposed to the Captain at Aigue Mortes who was brilliant. My wheelchair had broken, in limited French with lots of hand waving we were able to tell him the problem and he immediately arranged for someone to come out to us from the town council with tools to help mend it, and they would not take any payment.